Are You or Someone You Love 55 or Older and Qualified to be in a Nursing Facility but Wanting to Stay Home with Significant Support? Do You Know About PACE (Program of All Inclusive Care for the Elderly).

PACE provides health promotion, health maintenance, and full medical and social services to adults 55 and older who qualify to be in nursing facilities but instead remain in their homes with significant support from PACE. PACE also provides care from home health aides, when necessary, as well as evaluates members’

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US Tax Laws May Entitle YOU to Financial Benefits if You Care for Your Aging Family Members!

Here is some fascinating information about how your aging parents, step-parents and in-laws may qualify as your dependent under US tax laws, entitling YOU to benefits.  That’s true even if they don’t reside in your home. Take this one to the bank!! When you find our posts helpful, please

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