What is the POP Community?

Parenting Our Parents™ (POP) is the personal tale of millions of men and women in their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond who thought they’d finished parenting but have been drawn back in; this time, to care for their own elderly parents and other family members.

By joining, you will also be instantly connected to this growing community.You’ll have free 24/7 access to Jane and countless other caring people who've made the same choice you have, and who are on a similar family journey. The results will be clear when you see yourself as more effective, less stressed and less isolated while doing POP.

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  • 18 Nov

    Jeff Brosz | Director of Sales and Marketing at Walker Methodist

    "My Senior living property is currently providing a copy of "Oh My God! We're parenting our Parents" to those adult children that show interest in my community. It's a great book! We have 10 communities currently in our organization."

  • 22 May

    Rene B., from Topanga Canyon, CA

    I certainly could have used the information you share back in 1991 through 1994 when I was parenting my father. People in that situation today have you and your organization today to help with knowledge to deal with their aging parent. Thanks for all you give back to this POP community !!!!!

  • 08 Mar

    Dr. Atul Gawande, educator, surgeon and author of “Being Mortal”

    “Many many thanks for all of your work. ..I am so glad to have heard that my book connected for you and is reinforced by all the terrific work you're doing”

  • 11 Feb

    Angie M., from Los Angeles, CA

    This is a masterful piece of work, invaluable to countless folks who will be taking care of their parents in their twilight years. I am in fact one of those parents, who is cared for by a wonderful daughter and son-in-law, but it made me even more aware of how much they contribute to my lifestyle. Read it, you wont regret it.

  • 14 Aug

    Sir Richard Bowlby, son of John Bowlby

    “I think the project you have established is extremely valuable and I wish you every success with it." - Sir Richard Bowlby, son of John Bowlby, Father of Attachment Theory and Administrator of The Bowlby Centre.

  • 27 Apr

    HOLLY K., from Charlotte, North Carolina

    “Jane has been a wise and steady hand through our times of family turmoil, counseling us as we have gone through big life changes with my eighty-something parents. When my parents gave up their home of 40 years, three siblings and I struggled to help them — and ourselves — deal with the stresses and strains, mostly because of the distant places where we had settled..."