POP Family Coaching with Jane Wolf Waterman

How Did POP Family Coaching Come About, and Who Offers It?

Jane came upon the idea of POP Family Coaching and became the first person to develop and offer this highly focused method of coaching — guiding and mentoring families throughout the course of their challenging POPcycles — out of her personal discovery of how complex, stressful and lonely the POP journey can be for anyone, even someone with her education and skills.

Jane observed that most families who’ve chosen to POParent benefit greatly from some POP Family Coaching during those years when family changes seem to never stop. With child/parent roles reversing, responsibilities for our aging loved ones increase as we watch their abilities decrease and their worlds become smaller, many POP family members feel overwhelmed and need help with even the most basic things, like prioritizing and ordering the long list of POP things to get done.

Envisioning that the demand for Pop Family Coaching would increase well beyond her ability to deliver it alone once her book was released and the online POP Community launched, Jane developed this professional certification program to teach others to also become PFC’s, spreading this invaluable one-of-a kind service and making it available to POP families everywhere.

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