If you’re Parenting Your Parents, here’s what joining the POP Community will do for you:

Parenting Our Parents is the website for all things POP.

The purpose of this website is the creation and mobilization of a global POP community to help you help yourself, your family and to support you as you help others who are doing POP. Here you will be able to connect 24/7 with Jane and your fellow POParents, caring people who’ve made the same choice you have and are on a similar family journey.

Anyone doing POP can and will be more successful with support and practical assistance from other POParents. Over the course of your POPcycle, every POParent will need a wide variety of POP-related information — services, products and the ability to talk with others who’ve “been there.” Every POParent has gathered important data and experiences to offer those in the POP community. By sharing your own POParent story and other hard-learned lessons on this site, you’ll have the chance to provide an invaluable education to others who, like you, are doing POP.

By signing on to the POP website/community, not only will you become part of this extraordinary network, but you’ll also receive a gift to start you on a positive POP course: an audio download of an excerpt of Jane’s book.

What are the Benefits of Joining the POP Community?

By joining, you will also be instantly connected to this growing community, the only one of and for POParents. You’ll have access to countless others who’ve walked some of the same potentially treacherous POP paths as yours but now you may be able to avoid their pitfalls. The results will be clear when you see yourself as more effective, less stressed and less isolated while doing POP.

At this site you’ll experience being part of something bigger than all the POP tasks you’ve been laboring with. By participating in the POP Community, you’ll find:

  • Answers to your most pressing questions from the POP community
  • Helpful suggestions for your POP family from Jane
  • How other POParents initiated those difficult-to-start conversations with their parents, siblings and even spouses
  • Expanded access to much-needed POP goods and services as well as to POP wisdom on how to evaluate what you’re being marketed
  • Connections to POParents in sub-communities when and where you need them (e. g. POParents with loved ones in Cleveland, Ohio; POParents dealing with parents with Parkinson’s)
  • A place to “show off” your joyous POP moments, pin your family photos, post your family reunion videos and share the POP music that’s been meaningful for you
  • Exclusive access to our newly expanded offerings, including the resources page, full access to the POP Blog, and the POP Community Forums

Share your version of POP with the millions of us who are Parenting Our Parents! By being part of this larger movement, you can strategically use POP’s numbers to gain political clout for what POParents most want and need. Maybe you’ll even become a political force on behalf of the POP community so everyone can enjoy a wider safety net for their beloved seniors.

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