Most Families Starting “POP” Have Many Questions

Perhaps your family is one among the millions of American families who need to figure out whether it’s feasible to do “long-distance POParenting.” Is it possible for your Mom and Dad to “age in place?” What changes are necessary to make that possible? How will those changes actually occur?

You may also need help to “negotiate” with your family members. As your parents continue to age, its likely that someone may need to move closer to Mom and Dad. When that will be accomplished? Who will make the “sacrifice,” and how should you deal with the seeming inequity of that “sacrifice” among your siblings?

Maybe your family is at a “stand-still,” with no clear answer to these issues. POP Family Coaching can help you resolve long-standing family conflicts, ones that seem so serious they must be “unwound” before any other POP decisions can be made or agreed upon.

POP Family Coaching Can Provide the Answers You Need

Working with a POP Family Coach (PFC) can help you grow closer as a family, and more efficient as POParents. Your Mom may have just returned from her first trip to the ER by ambulance, having taken a fall alone at home. Now you and your family are on the phone, frantically trying to figure out if you need to start doing POP or if you can “put off the inevitable.” Everyone is worried but no one knows what to do first or which of the four siblings should do what, in terms of specifics?

How will family members who live far apart cooperate on accomplishing the immediate and long-term tasks ahead? For example, who will follow up today with getting Mom her the necessary medications? Who will see that she is taking the meds correctly? Who will take her to the next doctor’s appointment for a follow up to this hospital visit? Which of you will accompany Mom to the hospital if there is another emergency? Who will decide whether to resuscitate your Mom, should her next emergency be attributable to something even more serious than the fall?

Or your family may have imagined it could simply incorporate your aging parents’ and their “requirements” into the “sandwich” that already included your spouse, yourself and the “boomerang children” who returned home but now, as it turns out, you really don’t know how to manage it all. Your home doesn’t seem “big enough” for everyone, your parents are complaining about the noise and you’re running home to make your parents lunch, interfering with your work. Everyone in the family has been getting fidgety with each other and no solutions seem apparent.

Your family may need a “translator” to coach TEAM POP on an ongoing basis how to re-establish trust with each other so that when POP decisions are made, the whole team unites behind those decisions and each other, ensuring that things are done as agreed.

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