“Jane has been a wise and steady hand through our times of family turmoil, counseling us as we have gone through big life changes with my eighty-something parents. When my parents gave up their home of 40 years, three siblings and I struggled to help them — and ourselves — deal with the stresses and strains, mostly because of the distant places where we had settled. Jane counseled us as a family by phone, and has been a continuing source of wisdom and advice to me. She’s a warm and skillful counselor, and I know she also draws on her experience having gone through the ‘wars‘ with her own aging parents. I can recommend Jane highly for anyone going through these trying, but heart-rich times with parents or other aging loved ones.”
HOLLY K., from Charlotte, North Carolina

“Words are inadequate for describing the clarity and genuine compassion Jane expressed towards my family when she coached me in navigating our mother’s illness-induced transition from dancing queen to compliant patient. Reading Jane’s account of how she parented her parents touched my heart and revealed gems of wisdom relevant to all voyageurs at any point on this journey. Though each of our stories are unique, Jane’s writing and coaching served as the bedrock to foster and anchor my insight and re-ignite my memory of the deep truth accessible within each of us.”
LOI E., from Sandpoint, Idaho

“For almost twenty years I worked with Jane Wolf Waterman as she POP Family coached me, my two brothers and my aging Mother who lived on the east coast. Our family had scattered many miles from each other by the time of our. We all had a series of difficult decisions to make as our very independent Mother went through the last decades of her life and increasingly, although with some reticence, as she needed to rely on the three of us brothers more and more. It’s hard to imagine that we would have been as effective or as peaceful with our Mom, ourselves or each other had it not been for Jane’s calm guidance and mentoring during this unprecedented times for us. Now that our Mom has passed, we still find it very helpful to get advice from Jane as we “wind down” dealing with her possessions, estate matters and gracefully bringing to a close our relationship with our Mom.

Jane’s POP program taught us a lot about geriatrics, family and ourselves and our loved ones. When I begun this journey I had no idea where it would lead. Thanks to Jane Wolf Waterman’s book, more families will finally have a guide to help us go through treacherous waters filled with many reefs and wrecks. In the end Jane showed our family how to care for our Mother and ourselves as well as how to celebrate life. We are all very grateful.”
DREW R., from Las Vegas, Nevada