If you’re a senior parent being POParented by your adult children, here’s what joining the POP Community will do for you:

POP Community Benefits for Seniors

Because this is the website for all things POP, YOU too will benefit from joining the growing online POP community! Nothing is asked from you except for you to sign on. In exchange you will receive a free download of an excerpt from the audio version of Jane’s book, and exclusive access to our newly expanded offerings, including the resources page, full access to the POP Blog, and the POP Community Forums. Hopefully this will be a great step to developing a better POParenting relationship with your own caring offspring.

Perhaps you’ve been wanting to have THE conversation with your adult children about your feeling less competent to take care of yourself or your spouse but haven’t known how. Or perhaps like Jane’s parents, you’ve been scared to reveal to your children how much you may really need them.

On this website you’ll be able to “chat” authentically but anonymously with other Senior parents going through what you’re facing as well as with people POParenting their parents. You can be of service by sharing your experiences with other people’s POParents too. And in turn, you can learn how to communicate better with your own family about what’s been “silently” but not very subtlely occurring in nearly 100 million American households. As a result you too may feel freer to share with your family about your physical and material needs, your worries and even your “bucket list” aspirations.

Transform these challenges into a time of healing.

Most Senior parents need their adult children to help them out and most doing POP are discovering they need to learn how to care for their aging loved ones in the best ways possible for all concerned. Being part of the POP community and encouraging your children to be part of it will help normalize many of the “Senior Moments” and other Senior experiences you’re likely to have been going through.

You may encounter many unexpected feelings during this part of your life cycle. Although it’s a challenging time, many Senior parents are pleased to discover that the POPcycle also lends itself to healing their long-standing wounds and completing unfinished “emotional baggage.” People often experience much relief when they communicate their fears more candidly to their children. It’s likely you will feel much gratitude when you see their willingness to be there for you, maybe even delight when your “pride and joy” reveal their true family values. Join your peers who’ve come to see the POPcycle as a special time to cherish. As you learn to become more accepting about aging and more relaxed about the “naturalness” of the Circle of Life.

Join your peers who’ve come to see the POPcycle as a special time to cherish.

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