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Parenting Our Parents™ (POP) is the personal tale of millions of men and women in their 30’s 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond who thought they’d finished parenting but have been drawn back in, this time to care for their own elderly parents and other family members.

POP identifies a new stage in the life cycle we’re calling the POPcycle. Families are often engaged in the POPcycle for 5-10 years but for some it may last as long as 20-30 years. During that time, those POParenting find themselves taking on increasing responsibility for the lives and wellbeing of their folks who become more and more dependent on their children.

POP requires everyone involved to adapt to the complex demands of new roles and extraordinary obstacles, something few of us might have wanted but many millions have embraced. POParenting will require you to develop and expand your skills as well as further develop some personal qualities so you can manage the volume of responsibilities and often lonely demands of your job.

When POP is done thoughtfully and with the support of others, it can be not only heart-warming but also life transforming for those POParenting, those being POParented as well as for younger generations watching who may be wondering about their future family roles.

Now there’s also a book about POP by Jane Wolf Frances. This noted psychotherapist, author, attorney and daughter has courageously written:

into a JOURNEY of LOVE.

It is a compelling personal memoir, a helpful “how-to” POParent book and a beautiful guide for how to BE a compassionate, loving person as you parent your parents. This book will help you and your loved ones to thrive — not merely survive — during your family’s POPcycle.

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