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Some Senior Facilities Facilitate Romance and Consensual Sex to Minimize Loneliness: What do YOU think of this?

Older man and woman holding hands (cropped and close up)

Our blogs on loneliness have caused more reaction from our engaged POP Community than any other topic!  So many of you have let us all know how challenging it is to stay content — let alone be happy — when you live in a world of loss. That’s a world of hurt.

Where’s the loss?

As we age, we lose the keenness of our sensory responses and are left with the ravages of poorer hearing, sight, smell, taste and feeling.

We lose our spouses, lovers, colleagues and friends, one by one, if we are “lucky enough” to live a long life.

Must we also lose forever the sweetness of intimately relating? Or the excitement of finding a new “flame?” Must we sacrifice the fun of companionship?

No!  That’s not the case at many progressive facilities where they recognize that people need people.

There are a growing number of residences where our aging loved ones are not expected to put away all those desires and yet-to-be begun romances.

At such homes, residents are encouraged, if they wish, to go out via Gdating (where the G stands for “grandparents”), to attend senior dances, and to engage in consensual sexual relationships while being respected enough to have their private matters kept private.

Will Baby Boomers be willing to settle for loss and loneliness?  Or will they step up and “demand” the right to the pursuit of happiness not in spite of — but because of their years and the wisdom they’ve gained over their lifetimes.

What do you think about this? What are the downfalls and risks of encouraging this?  What would you want for your loved one or for yourself? 

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