A ground breaking study reveals evidence that marijuana’s component THC (tetraydrocannabinol) and other cannabinoids may actually promote the reduction of brain inflammation as well as result the removal of amyloid beta — a major component of “plaque” deposits — hallmarks of an individual’s having the dementia known as Alzheimer’s.

Earlier studies had revealed some of the positive benefits of marijuana in that it might be “neuroprotective,” that is, it could protect an individual who has Alzheimer’s against experiencing some of its ravaging symptoms.

In this most recent study, Salk Institute research suggests the positive benefits of marijuana may be even far more significant for those who have the epidemic we call Alzheimer’s in the limitation of this overwhelming, life-altering disease. With this new research, scientists may conclude that marijuana’s cannabinoids can reduce the disease on an individual when high levels of the plaque are present and the brain is already inflamed.

These scientists first altered amyloid-beta cells by “enriching” them to the high levels associated with Alzheimer’s and then they exposed those cells to THC and other cannabinoids. The results showed reduction both in the levels of amyloid beta protein in the cells as well as elimination of inflammation within the brain: these were physiological changes not just symptomatic ones.

While these are preliminary results, they are very promising in the ongoing fight against a disease with a literally unthinkable impact on many nations’ future economies as well as on the lives of countless individuals and families. And as we know, Alzheimer’s is currently striking an American every 66 seconds!

Because of its controversial history the medical, longevity and other potential benefits of marijuana have never been fully researched. Interestingly, just today I was told by a woman patient that she was cured of her Parkinson’s as a result of her use of marijuana’s cannibinoids. Perhaps it’s time to get out of our own way and think beyond where we’ve ever thought before for answers to all kinds of questions … before it’s too late!

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