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6 Simple Ways to Maximize POParenting Output While Minimizing Family Resentment

Grandmother and her familySince there’s little totally original in the world, we like to share the good ideas others have with you and we like to let you know where we learned of it. After all, we are all trying to create more ease for all generations during the POPcycle.

Today we share Penrose Senior CheckIn’s series of great suggestions on how to share the tasks and numerous responsibilities of POParenting with your siblings, partners and kids.  These should also minimize resentments and maximize good information within the family.

  1. Take shifts among each of you – perhaps rotating months or weeks
  2. Negotiate and compromise the levels and types of care you all believe your aging parent needs
  3. Agree to split costs to hire additional support and/or caregivers OR charge them to continue to do it all
  4. Create a centralized “how’s Mom” chat room or posting place online to minimize all the calls etc.
  5. Determine that you’re simply going to do less. And, either they pick up the difference or they don’t. And, be okay with it
  6. Split costs to hire a senior care auditor to do checks ins and report back to all family members in an online account

If you like what you’ve read here and are interested in reading more, buy the book, “Oh My God! We’re Parenting Our Parents: How To Transform This Remarkable Challenge Into A Journey of Love.

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