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Corona Crisis Making You Anxious? All Alone Now? Or, Everyone Under One Roof? POP Family Coaching Deep Discount!

To my beloved POP community:

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you are the middle-aged POParent of someone now deemed “elderly,” or – oh, my! you ARE the “at risk elderly,” even though you and I may still consider ourselves Baby Boomers and might be in fine health. So, my friends, here we are in the middle of much chaos, uncertainty, closures of things we enjoy and actual distancing from those in senior facilities. How will we manage and, yes, aim to transform the Coronavirus Challenge into a part of the POP Journey of Love?  

Will you and your family do the appropriate and longer term POPlanning that’s needed now along with the more usual and somewhat unreliable “crisis planning?” How will you obtain and then maintain calmness in yourself and with your family when all around you are in panic mode? Can you employ the helpful feelings, like gratitude, you could be bathing yourself in – since most of us have more than what we need in so many ways? Not only that but gratitude has been proven to help our health and healing rather than anxiety which is known to be harmful? Let’s you and I commit to: staying informed and staying in touch. Please share with our community what you’re doing to help make this a time of kindness, innovation, safety and help inspire others.

What we’re doing at POP to help is offering you a deep discount of 25% for Skype POP Family Coaching Video and/or Telephone Conference Coaching through the end of March! Working with me, the Master Certified POP Family Coach will help you and your family become a well functioning POPteam while also reinforcing the really good stuff that is so special about your family.  Here’s the link to check out how and why POP Family Coaching via distance teleconferencing might just be the right prescription for your family to thrive, to feel better and function better now and in the future.

I assure you that I am here to personally help you continue to parent your parents through the ordinary, and even the extraordinary, times like now. During these days, it may be impossible to visit your loved ones in senior facilities – or to be visited – when we all need each other the most. And, if you have multiple generations living together under one roof, you may all need additional patience and wisdom to best continue your family’s Journey of Love. Skype is one way and telephone conferencing another that our POP Family Coaching Program provides you and me the opportunity to focus on pumping up both your family’s joy and much-needed planning. I hope you will take advantage of the deep discount of 25% we are offering until March 31st. You’ll get all the specific and personalized assistance your family needs, without any germs. I look forward to “meeting” you on Skype or the phone. This is one step you can take today to re-gain some control over your own and your family’s welfare and well-being!


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