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The Best Decades are our 60’s and 70’s, According to Science!

At age 60, an extensive study says: you reach the top of your potential and this continues into your 80s!   That tells us intelligent folks that it’s time to rethink aging as an inevitable decline and properly envision it as a glorious gateway to our best possible years.

An extensive study in the U.S. that was published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM, 70, 389, 2018) it was revealed that the most “productive” years in human life are between 60-70 years of age, the 2nd from 70 to 80 and the 3rd most productive stage is from 50 to 60.

Examples include such facts as the average age of Nobel Prize winners is 62, the average age of the presidents of prominent companies worldwide is 63 and our US President just turned 79.

This tells us that the best years of your life, like so many Americans, is very likely to be between 60 and 80 years of age. We would be remiss to not mention that productivity is related to being in good mental and physical health. Planning to live a long time? So it is crucial to begin taking good care of yourself no later than today.

Who knew our most productive and maybe the very best years were “so late” in life? Now we all do!


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