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The New 65: Start liking your job: it’s age appropriate!”

thenew65When we are children, our main job is to learn about life — we observe the adults around us, go to school, and ask a million questions. But we never question our core job: learning how to be a person.

When we become “older,” our main job is to ensure our physical survival — eat foods that support us, move our bodies often, go to health professionals where we still ask a million questions. But we seniors seem to question and even want to reject that job. We bemoan the effort and time it takes us and we undervalue its importance — often until it’s “too late.”

Inexplicably you and I so often fight doing things we know are “healthy:” we overeat, over-lounge and stop asking questions or learning new things, supposing we already have the answers.

What if your main job after 65 was to keep ourselves healthy and not simply to survive but to really thrive? What if 65 was the time for re-invention, your “second act,” or modeling a life of service or peacefulness for your family to learn from?

What if 65 were the new beginning, the commencement of a new time for learning and play, what would you do differently? 

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