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Parent Your Parents By Remembering How They Parented You — Maybe Parent them Even Better??

Father and Son Enjoying Tablet PC

Sometimes in our fast-paced lives, we get “too busy” to slow down and don’t listen to what our aging parents are saying or fail to hear what they really need from us in the moment.

We may forget how much patience and understanding they may have had for us, when we were small and needed them. Now that there’s a reversal of roles — and we’ve chosen to make it our turn — we may notice our patience running a bit thin or shutter when we see our compassion seems to be little to none.

That’s the time, my friends, to take a few long and deep breaths of life and light. Sit down and have a cup of tea. Don’t bother berating yourself. But while you’re there and breathing consciously, see if you can remind yourself that once upon a time … you had to depend on your parents to meet your every need. Now you get the chance to “pay it forwards” and help them in their golden years.

Maybe you can even choose to parent them even better than you parented your kids or than your parents cared for you?

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