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Know the Early Signs of Dementia: Take Steps to Make Your Later Years and Your Loved Ones Even More Golden

Imagine for a moment,  you’re basking in your golden years.  You’re alert, healthy and surrounded by loving friends and family. If any of them is suffering with dementia, struggling even to remember who you are and what they are for breakfast, how will life be for you?  

Dementia is on the rise. It’s estimated that 1 in 3 people born in the year 2015 will develop a form of dementia, most frequently Alzheimer’s, later in life.  Currently b
y age 85 and older, between 25 and 50 percent of Americans exhibit visible signs of Alzheimer’s disease.   That’s 5.3 million Americans who now have Alzheimer’s, with that number expected to more than double due to the aging of our population by 2050 per The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports at

Once diagnosed, there is help for those we love! Each generation has been living longer than the one before. How can you make those longer years more enjoyable and more functional for yourself and your loved ones?

Know the early signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease.  

Here are 7 early signs to look for:
– Frequent falling
– Forgetting the function of objects
– Eating inappropriate things
– Inability to recognize sarcasm
– Depression
– Unfocused staring
– Stealing or law breaking
If you or your loved ones are showing one or more of these signs, DON’T HIDE OUT! Get checked by a physician so that you can there can be useful treatment, if necessary. 
To recognize and take preventative steps. learn more about at:


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