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Heart-Rendering Questions for Boomers



Another fear-filled phenomenon is invading our country.  It will likely affect the hearts and minds of many of us.

Due to a variety of factors, including longevity, modern medicine and other sociological factors, most unmarried/un-partnered baby boomers are seniors living alone.  Many are challenged as they try to adjust to new worries about how they will handle their futures.  Many seniors are mourning the loss of beloved spouses as well as the social circles that have revolved around them and their coupled friends.

They are asking heart-rending questions: Who will be there for me?  How will I manage the loneliness and depression I fear without a companion?    Do I want to — and can I — rely on my kids?  What if the ailments of older age mean I can’t care for myself: what will I do?

POParenting is likely to become one good answer?

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