Woman kisses her elderly father on the cheek.

The road to POParenting is not a FREEway!

We at www.ParentingOurParents.org understand and share your challenges.  It’s never easy taking care of aging loved ones, especially when they get impacted by everything that comes with getting older. As a family caregiver — or someone doing POP (ParentingOurParents) — you shift your primary focus onto another person, putting them

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Encore Entrepreneur Month

The Small Business Administration (SBA), AARP and the ParentingOurParents (POP) community join in acknowledging April, 2013 as Encore Entrepreneur Month. By “encore,” we mean that those over fifty can be business “comeback kids,” “second time ‘rounders,” (or third time around, for some) and even have the “chance for a do-over.” It

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Welcome To The New Parenting Our Parents Site!

I can’t believe this day has finally come! I’m extraordinarily excited to welcome you to the launching of the POP community, a global home for those uncounted millions of us who are doing what I call ParentingOurParents or POP. To learn more about POP — what it is and how

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