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Are You or Someone You Love 55 or Older and Qualified to be in a Nursing Facility but Wanting to Stay Home with Significant Support? Do You Know About PACE (Program of All Inclusive Care for the Elderly).

PACE provides health promotion, health maintenance, and full medical and social services to adults 55 and older who qualify to be in nursing facilities but instead remain in their homes with significant support from PACE.

PACE also provides care from home health aides, when necessary, as well as evaluates members’ homes to ensure a safe living environment. Health care teams include: physicians, nurses, social workers, dietitians, nurses’ aides, drivers, and physical, occupational, and recreational therapists. Interventions range from removing hazards such as poorly placed electrical cords to installing assistive devices.

Each local program uses a PACE center as a focal point for providing services. Enrollees spend two to three days a week at the centers, where they can see a primary care provider, receive physical therapy or personal care, refill prescriptions, and join in social activities.

It now serves 30,000 beneficiaries through 104 programs in 31 states.

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