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Are YOU Chronically Lonely? Do You Understand Its Life-Threatening Risks?

8.9.17AARP said recently that 42 million Americans over 45 are chronically lonely. Wow!

Why is that? Fewer of us are getting married; we are having fewer children; more of us are becoming divorced and widowed. We get a dog instead of a friend. We interact on Facebook rather than in person.

What does all this mean for those who suffer with chronic loneliness? Another study of millions of Americans reports a 50% greater risk of premature death associated with chronic loneliness!!!

All of you who are feeling lonely know how much of a toll this takes on your spirit;
and now we’re learning it takes an actual toll on your life span!!

What can YOU do to be less lonely?

1. Remind yourself of some people you already like and, even if it’s been a while, reach out to contact them.

2. Take advantage of so many online ways to “meet up” with new people who share your interests. Even if there’s no romantic interest, you can find some worthwhile companionship to undermine your loneliness.

3. Remind yourself of activities you’ve enjoyed and go do the things you already love to do. Probably you’ll find others there who are also doing what they love; maybe you can join in with them.

4. Find a way to get out of your house daily and maybe even reach a bit beyond your comfort zone by reaching out to someone — at a coffeehouse, a museum or the line at the market.

What do you really have to lose but your loneliness?

Read more about this study here: 

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