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12 Books and Movies About Caregiving

Life is stranger than fiction, they say. And there are lessons we can learn from both life and fiction.

I came across this article and thought to share it with you, our POP community, since it offers a listing of books and movies about the variety of huge challenges the writers have encountered (or feared their might, in the case of fiction) during their personal POPcycles.

There are emotional, financial, practical and unpredictable challenges of all sorts during this stage of life, as you are observing, I can imagine. From my perspective, what is key to learn above all else is that, whatever it looks like, yours can be a journey of love – and it’s up to you to figure that out for you and your family. I developed a coaching program and wrote my own memoir, self-help book, “ParentingOurParents: How To Transform The Challenges Into a Journey of Love” to support those efforts and I’m hoping these stories will also aid you in creating your best journey of love.

Caregiver Books and Movies

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