Welcome To The New Parenting Our Parents Site!

POP family treeI can’t believe this day has finally come! I’m extraordinarily excited to welcome you to the launching of the POP community, a global home for those uncounted millions of us who are doing what I call ParentingOurParents or POP. To learn more about POP — what it is and how POP can help you — click here.

You’ll soon discover this site has a theme that we need each other and so we all teaching and learning from each other what we’ve learned both to gather some of the information we desperately need and also to undermine the loneliness and awesome responsibility of POP.

Please consider yourself at home here and let others POParenting and our seniors, being POParented, hear what you have to say. All are welcome to contribute and be respectful of the thoughts and feelings others share here.


  1. Ellen says

    So glad to know this support is available … At last!

  2. Maria Siciliano says


    This book is outstanding. I have already recommended it to others.

  3. Shell Hira says

    Parenting Tricks to Stop Your Child’s Addiction for Fast Food: http://voices.yahoo.com/parenting-tricks-stop-childs-addiction-for-12148800.html

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