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We Trust More As We Age: Do You Let Your Guard Down? Or Are You More Satisfied?

father and son holding hands at sunset seaImagine that you see someone new walking a dog who attracts your attention as you’re on your morning walk around the neighborhood with your dog. Are you likely to seek out that stranger in order to get to know a new person? Are you willing to trust yourself to make a new friend? Now imagine a call comes in from a stranger saying your granddaughter (whom you know is traveling) has been mugged and needs some cash from you to come home!? Do you send it off immediately or ask a lot of questions despite your concern for her.

Did you know that our older generation is more trusting of people than the younger generation?According to an article in November/December’s Psychology Today, researchers have found that this increased trust leads to “more satisfying experiences, which in turn feed even greater trust.”

Do you feel that you trust people more as you age? What have been your experiences when you did? What do you think that says about you? Are you happy with your current level trusting of others??

Please take a few moments to share your thoughts below.

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