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    ….that my frustrating day spent with my 80 yr old mom at DR appts today would keep me up all hours of the night and get me out of bed to read news articles on recent Sundance showings of – what else – elder care movies. The article guided me to this board  so, at 2 AM PST I am introducing myself as a new member….officially.

    im a 60 yr old retired nurse ( another story) , married , living in a guest house on our 10 acre property and juggling care of my 80 yr old mom that I moved from out of state 4 months ago to our other guest house next door while still running the accounting of my husbands office and trying to get grandchildren (3) time in …. they live in the big house. I’m an only child. I took care of my dad 5 years ago through pancreatic cancer. I took care of my 36 yr old son and lost him 3 years ago. Same song, third verse with mom.

    I’ll be reading and absorbing all the comments and taking some relief in knowing I’m not alone. Just getting very tired. Husband is looking to semi retire this year but to “ what” we ask ourselves . These chapters we have written in our book of life that keep getting edited …..



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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