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    We are pleased to announce that Jane’s book “Oh My God! We’re Parenting Our Parents: How to Transform this Remarkable Challenge into a Journey of Love” is excerpted in this month’s issue of Science of Mind Magazine!

    From just these 5 pages, you can “take away” her three essential principles for greater healing and happiness during some of life’s hardest moments.

    The book is both a self-help and a memoir of our founder’s own 10 years caring for her aging parents. It is also forms the basis of our POP Family Coaching and all our other POP offerings.

    It’s great to know that our valuable resource is becoming more widely known and read since through this coverage, we aim to reach those who need our help the most.  We also need you to tell your friends and those you’d like to lend a hand to that help is available at this website.

    Science of Mind Magazine is available at Barnes and Noble’s bookstores throughout the US and Canada.

    Pick up your copy today!

    john vondra

    Thank you for the information

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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