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    Joe O’Neill

    My father is 84 and just quit driving due to his insurance rates increasing 3 times (due to several fender benders).  His mind is still pretty sharp but he walks with a cane and needs help getting in and out of a car.  His apartment and files are a mess and we are moving him into a senior care facility, starting with independent living.  I’m from a large family of 7 and my youngest sister recently lost her job.  Instead of immediately pursuing a job, she has agreed to care for dad, drive him to appointments and social gatherings, and organize his apartment for the big move.  What are our options to help her financially during this period?  Can we gift her $$$ per week or month that can help her while she provides this amazing gift to my father.


    Pay your sister.  You can’t hire help for these things,  shes probably the only person he will let in his house.  If she went to work tommorow, what then.  Pay

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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