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    Talked to my 82 year old mother this am on the phone.  She always gets down and depressed when I can’t get to her house every week for a visit.  I am sick with some virus and then allergic reaction on top of it.  Mom is so frail I don;t dare go near her when she I am sick.  On the phone she said I’m loosing my mind and its getting worse.  I don’t know what to say.  I try to help her with her current problem, can’t find a recipe.  She really shouldn’t be cooking at all but refuses help except me.  Luckily she lives with my alert 85 yr old father.  I look for bruises on her when I visit.  I am afraid Dad will loose his patience with her one day.  Luckily he is deaf and can turn off his hearing aide.  She will ask the same question several times in a row, like 8-10 times.  I talked to her MD she feels any medication will make her worse.  Mom talks about being depressed, because of her inability to accomplish things she wants to do.  I did try to hire her help she had a total melt down.  Her memory loss is due to a failing heart.

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