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    Hi just sharing my worries …I am 55 and have parents 80 and 81 also taking care of my handicap brother ….My parents are waiting for me to move with them and also my siblings waiting for me to do so also…Problem is relocating ..i live in New Jersey ..they live in Puerto Rico ….I realize they need us now …I am so afraid of the unknown…I am going to leave all behind work …sale all my belongings and completely start all over again don’t know if i will be even able to work …when i get down there ..I am not selfish I really want my Dad to sale the home and come here with me ..he doesnot want to ….I am kind of sooo worried about this transition…..Scared I am alone no spouse and not extra cushion meaning money saved… and certainly not able  to retire ….I know the quiker I make this decision the quiker I would get some kind of direction of what to do …its that i keep letting time go by…..can someone share there experience with me ..if they also had to relocate to another country or state runned differently than the United States …I kind of know how it is there and I must admit in Puerto Rico the system is very fustrating .. Please thoughts experiences more the welcomed to hear….Thanks Evelyn

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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