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    Hello all!

    I am providing care to my parents, my father recently had a fall and sustained a brain injury. My mom is overwhelmed and has asked my family and I to move in with them to help her out with his care (she has her own health issues). We would have to add some living space to their existing residence but I am not sure how to payoff my siblings for my parent’s home. I am not sure what things to take into consideration to make it fair for all involved. Does anyone have any experience or advice in dealing with siblings with a gift of the home while also being the full time caregiver? Thank you and God bless all you caregivers!


    Get a lawyer involve.  I’m sure the have formulas for care of parents and what that is worth.  If your parents did a reverse mortgage and paid caregivers there wouldn’t be any house left for siblings.  This idea that the house always has to go to our children is a thing of the past.  God Bless!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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