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    My name is Carolyn, my mother is so young to be going through the hell that she has been enduring for the ten years or so. I have moved her into my home because where she was at before was detrimental to her healing and recovery. She is not the same woman than I remember and I am afraid for her. She is overmedicated and overweight and she simply just does not care anymore and I am afraid she may be trying to will herself to die. She has told me on more than one occasion that she wants to lose weight, get off as many of the meds as possible but she fights me at every turn, now my kids are starting to pick up on her negativity and the oldest has tried helping in her care, and she refuses and rejects everyone. Her words and her actions just aren’t adding up. We are showing her love and respect and trying to help her with positive daily affirmations, and calling on her faith, and she is just as stubborn as before if not more so and so I exhibit some tough love (verbally) and try to help her see things differently and I am doing all this out of love and respect for her only to get a tongue stuck out at me or cursed at. I don’t know how long I can allow this to continue.

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