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Taking Care of Our Own Expectations This Holiday Season

iStock_000052564468_SmallThe holidays present some of the biggest challenges of all for those with of us spending time with  families as well as for those singles who wish they were.

Oddly, it’s the high (sometimes unreasonable) expectations we bring to the season and how others will respond to events that often is the very source of our later disappointments.

It’s also in trying to manifest our concept of a “perfect” holiday event and the sharp contrast of that with reality that leaves us feeling disappointed,  and even alone in a crowded room.

Contemplate how re-setting your expectations towards real life (not necessarily lowering those expectations) and turning your thoughts and feelings towards gratitude for all that we have — and here we can all agree, we have so much — can help make us feel so much happier during the holidays — and way beyond.

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