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Totally understand, being overwhelmed.  I have 6sisters and brothers, few who help.  I moved to within an hour of my parents to care for them.  No I don’t work but I have had Rheumotoid Arthritis for 17 years.  Anywho so my sister who lives a mile from their house, only helps when it is convenient for her,  SHE works.  My brother who lives on their property brings then a meal on his day off.  But none want to take any resposibilty for anything.  Siblings can be extremely pain in the butts.  Then the ones that live states away constantly give you advice.  I have a much younger sister in PA and she constantly thinks they should have 24hour care.  But, they, my parents don’t want anyone in there house ,but their children.  Its okay if I can make it every week.  If my illness gets in the way I miss a week,  all hell breaks loose.  I’ve asked Dad to increase the cleaning lady to every week to two hours but he still hasn’t done that.  He only likes to buy stuff he wants.  Its overwhelming, laundry, cooking, ordering medications,  taking to appointments.  My sister and brothers are happy I do everything.  I don’t know how much longer I can keep it up.  There are other people out there that have the same issues.  If you can get them to get extra help, even the cleaning lady helps.  If the medications are not to complicated.  Basicly if the medications don’t change every week.  Most pharmacies, not the big chains, will prefill medboxes and deliver for a fee.  If their diets aren’t to crazy meals on wheels is a great resource.  You can even have meals delivered. Good luck