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Ruth Bowers

Some people can “just do it.” Others of us are not so able to easily venture in and perhaps are fearful of rejection. Big time. We really aren’t sure how our children will respond and we are really uncomfortable about fully revealing how needy — and sometimes how lonely — we are.

I found that I just had to bite the bullet and trust that I’d raised them right. I found a time to open the conversation with my daughter when we were together, without any imminent problems, and when I felt calm. But, frankly, when I took that breath to start, I was shaking inside. I recognize that helping me with little things may be the beginning of a long road for us all. And when I did bring up my current needs for more help, her warmth in responding brought tears to my eyes.

Now more than ever, I am happy that I gave my best when I raised her because caring for me is looking very similar to my raising her.

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