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Protecting Yourself From Falls This Winter –

Senior man winter accident
Hot Chocolate, staying warm by the fire, listening to holiday music are all things people typically enjoy during the frosty winter season.  Clearing snow, getting frostbitten, living with runny noses and falling on slippery ice are all things most people would rather do without.  Falls present one of the most serious hazards to our aging parents’ continuing their independent lives. 
An informative article came out on that gives great tips on how to protect and prevent what could become a disastrous fall this winter.
Here are 5 (out of 12) of our favorite tips:
1. Don’t be unnecessarily afraid… When you walk with more confidence, it is less likely you will slip.
2. Carry cat litter with you and sprinkle it ahead of you as you walk (multiple uses for cat litter, who knew?).
3. Walk like a penguin.. . Not only will this protect you from falling, you will have a cool new walk that other people will want to mimic.
4. Wear socks over your shoes – you will get better traction and may start a whole new fashion trend — or make some new fun people as friends.  
5. Improve your physique.  Exercise does more than just keep you stronger on the ice, it can help you be the best you as well as beat those winter blues!
What are your “tips” for keeping yourself or your senior loved ones safe from falls this winter? Have you or a loved one had a fall?  Please share with us by commenting below or sharing on our forums.


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