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POPopinion #2: Hawaiian Legislators Aiming to Pass a Long -Term Health Care Bill: A Model For Other States or NO?!?

POPopinion2The proposed law: Every person who files a Hawaii state income tax for ten years is eligible to receive $70 a day, for a total of 365 days when they become a senior.

How would it be funded:  This state-wide senior benefit would be underwritten by a slight increase in the state’s General Excise Tax, a tax on all business’ gross income and Hawaii’s thriving tourist industry would help boost the fund.

Controversial Issues:

(1) Tourists and well as Hawaiian residents, also pay the General Excise Tax, would fund roughly 35 percent of the long-term care program but they wouldn’t be able to claim these benefit themselves.  Do you think that’s fair?

(2) Everyone shouldn’t have to pay for seniors to live “well?”  Do you think that’s socialism?

(3) Do you believe that model wouldn’t work in other states because they don’t have Hawaii’s tourism?

POP is advised that the outlook for this bill to pass is optimistic and the advantages of such an approach are backed by supporting research studies as well as a growing number of political supporters.

What are your opinions on this controversial Long Term Care model?

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