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Parenting without Support

Imagine parenting in a world without information or support anywhere you turn, just more confusion. Hear your colicky baby crying non-stop while your 2 year-old son is drawing with crayons on the wall. See your house in disarray with toys threatening to knock you down because you’ve had almost no sleep in the past 3 nights. Perhaps you even begin to dream that answers lie waiting for you.

This is a real scenario, with some permutations, for those of us who have come to the realization that our aging parents are no longer able to fully care for themselves. When that reality sets in, and your existing answers are few and far between, you’ll need new places to figure this out.Adult Daughter Giving Senior Male Parent Medication In Bed At Home

The GOOD NEWS: you are not alone!

When desperate for information to guide you through this very real stage in life, there is somewhere to get a lot of focused help — and its right here.

Check out the download for Jane’s step-by-step manual on Parenting your senior Parents, participate in our forums, get help from our resources sections or try one of our wonderful Certified POP Family coaches.

Taking these steps WILL help guide you through this phase of life, bring you out from the overwhelm and confusion, and provide the very answers you so desperately need.





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