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“Why Elder’s Smile” – New York Times

If you think that life just goes downhill after you turn a certain age, think again!   A great article came out in the New York Times about how we actually get happier the older that we get.  Tension and anxiety lesson aPhysical Therapy is Funnd we seem to deal with situations and events that happen in our lifes with greater ease. 
“Older people are more relaxed, on average. They are spared some of the burden of thinking about the future. As a result, they get more pleasure out of present, ordinary activities.”
Maybe if we all did a little less worrying about the future and really enjoying the present we would find ourselves much happier as well. 
Do you think people get happier as they get older?  Has this happened with your aging parents?  We would love to hear about it here:  or comment below.
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