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Moving Into a Retirement Community: How Do You Know Which is Best for You?

Caregiver and elder woman

If you’re a senior or someone POParenting, you may be weighing the options of you or your parents moving into a retirement community. With so many different options out there, how do you know which is best for you?

Here are the first factors to think about when making this decision:

– Do you want to be close to family? to transportation lines? to someone other than family?
– What activities do you enjoy doing the most? Will those be more or less accessible to you in the new place?
– Will you need new health care options if you move and are you okay with that?
– Even though you love your home, are you really able to keep it clean, heated, well cared for?
– Are you preferring to live alone or in a community with others? If you wish to live alone, do you have enough help now and foreseeably ahead?
– Are the recent weather changes affecting where you want to age?
– What options can you and your family? afford?

You will need to include these and probably more factors when making a POPlan. What other factors do you think will help you in your decision? Let us know by commenting below.

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