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Imagine This Antidote To An Aging Parent’s Depression –

Senior woman runningAfter reading this article on healthy aging, I felt it important for you and me to look at aging and happiness:

* how have you been dealing with “aging?”
* what does that expression means to you?
* how would you like to deal with the inevitable fact (we all age) but not all of us have the same experience?

Here, as almost everywhere, your attitude, your point of view, your “positiveness” will make all the difference in how much you enjoy your life experiences.

Instead of letting life get you down and putting so much of your attention, energy,  and conversation into thinking about what’s gone wrong, choose to use your energy and focus on making some things right. If you get out there and do activities you enjoy with people you like, your life WILL improve. Engaging in sports like running, especially when you’re also socializing with friends, developing hobbies like taking a baking or painting class will do you all kinds of good.

The more active the better your mental health is likely to be. Capture that extra “kick” from those feel good endorphins that you increase when you exercise. It’s never too late to start something new. Did you know that the extraordinary painter Grandma Moses started painting at the of 78! So what are YOU waiting for? Go for a night time stroll with the Sierra Club, join your local singing group or take a swimming class and meet other like-minded people.

YOU are in control of your life and it’s logical that being active and having fun helps you make good decisions and feel good about yourself. If you decide to make every moment matter and make the best of every moment you have, you WILL become happier and healthier.

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