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HOW TO RAISE YOUR CHANCES TO HAVE YOUR DESIRED ACTIVITIES, FEELINGS AND ACQUISITION you are lovelyDo you have a list of things you’d like to have experienced over the next say 25 years, 10 years, 5 years or even one year ahead?  Some people call it a “bucket list.”  For me, that term always sounded like I was about to die. Hence I prefer to call it a “POPularity Plan for Desired Activities, Feelings and Acquisitions!”

Why make a POPularity Plan for Desired Activities, Feelings and Acquisitions?  Research reveals that the act of making a list of what you’d like to experience during the upcoming year and looking at it even once a month, means you’re more likely to have those experiences.  The more you review your list and the more you get concrete about the steps you need for accomplishing them, the more of your list you’re likely to get.

What are some of those things you want to be, do and have? 

How many years should your plan include?

These days some of the happiest seniors we know are actually making 25-year plans for their life.  Think about it, if you’re 65 now, there’s a very good chance you’ll make it until you’re 90.  If your plan is for 25 years, it may seems like anything you’d list could actually get accomplished in that length of time.

However, your plan needn’t be for a full 25 years; it could be for a far shorter period of time.

The intention behind creating a 25-year plan is that it feels and sounds so long that you can easily undermine any pressure you place on you but it’s also long enough to ensure a high rate of success for your goals.

If your age, disability or any other reason makes a 25-year plan seem unimaginable or even pressure-filled, try your hand at creating a more modest period — maybe a 25-month plan.

What is the spiritual value of the plan?  It will empower you  — remind you : YOU CAN BE THE AUTHOR OF HOW YOU EXPERIENCE THE NEXT PART OF YOUR LIFE!  

Try it!  Sit down and make your own POPularity Plan for Desired Activities, Feelings and Acquisitions!  It’s very likely you will begin tcreate the memories of your life that you wish to have!

Please share with the growing POP Community how this works for YOU!

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