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How POParenting Can Lead to Better Self-Parenting

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Although POParenting may sound very altruistic, the irony is that caring for our aging loved ones teaches us many new things about ourselves along the way. Much like parenting children, those of us who’ve begun to POParent are discovering much about ourselves, such as: what skills and qualities do I need to develop in order to succeed in that role?

While you POParent, you’re simultaneously learning the very skills and qualities you’ll need to better “self-parent” yourself! What is “self-parenting?” It includes: knowing and appreciating your own abilities, needs and limitations and then attending to yourself in a positive and ongoing way; developing your skill set to have a more connected, fulfilling and happy life.

So much is being written about happiness these days. Have you noticed an increase in your happiness since you started POParenting? For example, rate yourself on these: compassion, patience, unconditional love, courage, supportiveness, good listening, providing encouragement, acceptance, protectiveness, setting reasonable expectations, creating routines and acting with strength.

If you are not seeing yourself grow as you POParent, you may want to get some mentoring from one of our POP Family Coaches who specialize in POParenting as a means to self-growth as well as altruism.

Has POParenting motivated you to become better at self-parenting? Let us know how by commenting below.

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