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How can YOU better enjoy your life this spring?



Although in parts of our country the streets were white with freshly fallen snow, the calendar says we’ve just crossed into the time of year called the Spring.

As with any other day of the year you might choose, passing into this brand new season could provide the chance to “spring forward” in the direction you most want to be headed.

And, perhaps today is the perfect time to luxuriate your spirit by taking a deep breath and contemplating what direction is that?

Your life matters.

Don’t let days slip into weeks and spring slip into summer without stopping, listening to your own heart to see what makes it sing out to you and seeing how you can make that happen.

Whether you’re young or older, just beginning to get involved with POParenting or feeling your own aging today — we here at POP invite you to ask yourself:

* What do I want to spring forward towards this new season of my wonderful life?

* How can I bring more joy to myself and others?

* How can I better enjoy my life this spring?

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