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Homes on the Range: “The New Pioneers”

Green House Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating environments for “Elders,” as they call them, that are superior to traditional nursing homes.

Their notion is to create “caring homes for meaningful lives” by: building small intentional communities of 7- 10 elders with each having a private room and bath; encouraging the building of deep relationships; and expanding the health, functionality and social interaction of its members.

Most significantly Green House Project is based on the philosophy of reversing the “enforced dependency” of life where elders are told — NOT ASKED — what to do.

The project has about 175 open Green House homes on 40 campuses in 27 states and plans to double that number with projects currently in development.  Watch the video and if you like the idea, share it with others and let us know what you think by commenting.

Homes on the Range: “The New Pioneers” from Media Policy Center on Vimeo.

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