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Encore Entrepreneur Month


The Small Business Administration (SBA), AARP and the ParentingOurParents (POP) community join in acknowledging April, 2013 as Encore Entrepreneur Month.

By “encore,” we mean that those over fifty can be business “comeback kids,” “second time ‘rounders,” (or third time around, for some) and even have the “chance for a do-over.” It IS an exciting time and one for great optimism for people seeking to expand their worlds, their lives and their abilities to make a contribution after age 50!

What’s New and Exciting This Year?

  • New careers are being created to respond to the growing demands – for older folks who are on the move and need help, for those wanting to reside in their homes that require “senior proofing,” for frail patients who often need advocates to succeed in the health system. Read More on the AARP Blog.
  • ParentingOurParents (POP) offers an experienced therapist/coach and imminently will make available a Coach Certification Program aimed at those who are over 50, and would like to use their life experiences to aid other POP families as they do the least understood, most challenging and possibly longest job in the world. 
  • Our Coach Certification Program is a truly rewarding experience that can make you more secure financially, and more satisfied emotionally.  What can you give or do now, after 50?  Would you be interested in our Coach Certification Program? 

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  1. Tony Torres says

    I want to write others who do what I do.

  2. Tony Torres says

    Its so hard that its taking over my life

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