‘Elder care is the new child care,’ professor says – The Globe and Mail

Linda Duxbury, a Carleton University business professor, has spent her career researching work-life balance and is studying how workers manage demands.   She is quoted as saying ““I would say very clearly elder care is the new child care,”

“Her findings to date are sobering. In a sample of 25,000 mostly professional workers, 70 per cent said they are responsible in some way for the care of an elderly relative or friend and about half said they are caring for two or more seniors. On average, those responsibilities last for more than six years – far longer than the weeks or months of leave provided by employer and government programs.”

Read more here: bit.ly/1PFTRCb

What is your take on elder care being the new child care?  Do you find yourself in the sandwich generation needing more support and resources?  Let us know by commenting below.


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