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Caring Across Generations: A Community Approach to the Challenges of Aging -Huffington Post

eventIt sounds like science fiction, but it’s fact! Within 25 years, 30 million Americans will need some form of care in their homes just to meet their basic daily needs of living! With this growing “silver tsunami” among our aging population, what will happen in your family when there are not enough home care workers to meet your demands for helping your loved ones? Will you need to stop working to ParentingOurParents or, as we call it to POParent your aging parents? What will happen to your Social Security? Health care and retirement benefits? Your free time? Who will you have to fall back on for help you require when you get older?

Caring Across Generations is a campaign to address many of these questions relating to our much-needed domestic workers and bring more awareness to a growing concern not just for our elderly but also the impact it will have on us all.


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