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BE SMART! Organize Your Loved One’s Information Before a Crisis Hits

Woman with documents sitting on the desk
BE SMART! When a crisis happens in your family, you’re likely to forget more than where you left your keys. You’re likely to find your mind a bit “paralyzed.” At a moment like that, it’s SO comforting to know you’re organized and can find that Advance Directive or the list of today’s medications that you, or your Dad, takes!

Maybe, under “normal circumstances,” you’re already finding it hard to keep track of all those legal, medical and financial documents and fear having to do so while in a crisis, when you’re predictably stressed and scared.

This link gives great tips on how to keep everything organized and together. 

Let us know if you find it helpful and, if so, share it with all your friends. If you have some good ideas of your own to share, please also comment below.

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