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 Are You Okay, Risking The Dangers of Not Having a “25 YEAR PLAN FOR LIVING LONGER AND THRIVING!!!?”

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Are you willing to be passive about your own future?  To surrender to the defeatism of “It is what it is …” when you don’t end up getting what’s most important to you?

What are the dangers associated with NOT making a PLAN?

      *  Scientists warn us that the “universe abhors a vacuum.” What does that mean?

      *  It means this: if you do not make a plan for yourself, events will nonetheless occur  — randomly.  That can’t possibly beyour preference — to not have your own wishes and dreams, and instead give in to random results.

What are the benefits of making a PLAN?

Research reveals that our dreams and goals will manifest themselves most frequently and most closely when we: 

1. write down our desired results;

2. describe them clearly;

3. review them with regularity over time, and amend them as appropriate;

4. share them with others.  

My fellow Boomers, I have an exciting challenge for you!

If YOU’d like to manifest your dreams and goals, dare to compose your own “25 YEAR PLAN FOR LIVING LONGER AND THRIVING!!!

Take the time to imagine how your life might best be lived out from today until the end.

See this PLAN as a gift of focusing your dreams and intentions for yourself, your family and your community.

Ask yourself these interesting and thought-provoking questions in order to start your PLAN:

      What are the 10 things I would most like for myself ahead?  

      What do I most want to be/ do and have for the next 25 years? 

      What is my purpose for this portion of my life and how can I fulfill that?

What do you have to lose?

Please take me up on this challenge!  Then share your very own 25 YEAR PLAN FOR LIVING LONGER AND THRIVING!! with others here at our site.  We will amass your responses and let you know what other POP Baby Boomers are saying are their 10 things I would most like for myself ahead as well as the most popular things in your 25 YEAR PLANs.   You may even amend your PLAN after you read what others are dreaming about!

If you like what you’ve read here and are interested in reading more, buy the book, “Oh My God! We’re Parenting Our Parents: How To Transform This Remarkable Challenge Into A Journey of Love.

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