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Are There Really Such Things As Corona Bonuses?

You, the readers of my blog, social media posts and book, know that I call myself “an optimist” and so I aim to learn from the “lessons” my decisions in life doll out to me and not be pulled down by them. By placing attention on what we are witnessing in the moment – something we’re all doing more of during the seeming “slowing down” of life during COVID – we experience and learn new things every day. By doing that, we actually benefit our own mental and physical as well as that of those around us.

All this leads me to the question:  What NEW can you and I learn during this pandemic, even as we also may be feeling unpleasant emotions – confined, confused, resentful, anxious and sometimes just downright crazy?  

Can we actually believe that, despite all the death, illness, unemployment and more, such things as “corona bonuses” exist? And, if so, do they really matter? I’m always grateful to have wise folk to borrow from, like Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith from “The Secret” and many other films and books, who named that concept – Corona Bonus? Perhaps in the midst of all the overwhelm of the election and the re-adjustments to life, you missed out on learning a few fascinating facts.

People from India to Italy joyously report: “We can see the Himalayas for the first time in 30 years!” In the Venice canals swans are swimming in canals; dolphins are basking in empty cruise ports and even wild boar in cobbled streets of Europe prove how fast nature can reclaim the world. The major environmental effect of the worldwide lockdown in March – April 2020 has been reported in most cases as improving air quality and environmental noise due to reduction in vehicular traffic! You must have noticed where you are how quiet it was.


I guess the answer is: if you look for them, they will appear. We’d love you to share YOUR very own corona bonuses here at this site and also with those you love!

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