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Aging Gracefully: 5 Ways to Embrace the Beauty in Your Golden Years


As we get older wrinkles, age spots and saggy skin often make a noticeable emergence. But much of that is really skin deep. Our choices of how to deal with those changes, however, are few: either we can try to fix these sign of aging, we can bemoan the natural “decrepitude” of the human form or we can embrace what happens.

Most of us are cheered to discover that, despite wanting to “look good,” our appearance mean less than they used to while simultaneously what lies inside, starts to “matter” more.

Here are 5 ways to “embrace” aging while actually creating more beauty within:

1. Support a cause – When we’re passionate about helping others, we find a sense of purpose inside of ourselves. Start supporting a cause you really believe in and see what happens to your spirit and your energy; even your health may improve.
2. Be Thankful for what you have – By staying present and being thankful for the all things that are going well in your life, will help keep yourself grounded and happy. Living with regret and resentment can only make you feel badly and wastes your precious time, too.
3. Keep and use your sense of humor – When we take life less seriously and have more fun with it, everything becomes less stressful and everyone has a better perspective on “the small stuff.”
4. Stay Active – Maintaining your activities and finding new ones you like to do keeps you physically and mentally on top of your game. Make sure to include physical activity in your every day routine. It will make you have a sense of accomplishment and keep you alive for many more days of more activity!
5. Stop Resisting Change and Embrace It: – The more we resist that change of all kinds is inevitable, even “desirable” because it’s so, the more we create stress in our bodies. Stress is a killer.

By finding the right balance between accepting inevitable change and staying involved in life, the more we can live with more peace and contentment.

Share with the POP community how you make that balance?

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